Color Options


We are excited to announce the return of custom Powder Coat finishes!

  • Monoblock Purifi/NCx and 4ch NCxxxMP cases are $150 (per case)
  • 3ch Purifi/NCx and 6/8ch NCxxxMP cases are $225 (per case)

Custom Finishes require an extended build time of 4-6wks.

You have a choice between 6 Smooth finishes:

  • Retro Gray
  • Signal White
  • Fire Red
  • Traffic Blue
  • Leaf Green
  • Aero Yellow

and 4 Textured finishes:

  • Graphite
  • White
  • Carmine Red
  • Gentian Blue
The Textured finishes are referred to as Sandtex and have a feel similar to the slightly rough sides of certain AV Receivers and Processors (such as the Anthem MRX and AVM series).

Please Note: If you need a custom powder coat build that does not have the channel count shown above, you can use a larger case. For example, if you are wanting a 2ch NCxxxMP build, you can order the 4ch NCxxxMP case in the color of choice but only have a 2ch build completed internally. Similar if you want a 2ch Purifi/NCx build, you can order the 3ch Purifi/NCx case but only have a 2ch build completed internally.