How it started...

Dylan Launder

Dylan Launder

Founder of Buckeye Amps

Audio/Video has been a hobby of mine since 2009. Like many A/V enthusiasts, I was constantly changing or upgrading equipment to squeeze every bit of performance out I could. Even supposed “end game” purchases would lead to selling and trying something new. Among the most upgraded components in my system were audio amplifiers. My first adventure into separate amplifiers were very high-end Class AB models. But year after year I kept selling and trying a new model, always looking at the classified ads of large forums like AVS.

Then in 2020 I came across the Hypex NCORE amplifiers. My quick foray into Class D amplifier technology up to this point was lack luster. But the numerous positive reviews and performance measurements of the NCORE series of amplifiers convinced me to give them a try. So I built a set of Hypex NCORE MP series amps, put them into service in my system, and have been satisfied ever since.

The performance and sound quality was so great, I decided to explore the opportunity to become a North American OEM Hypex builder so others like me in this hobby could have easier access to them. In October 2020 I started Buckeye Amps and sold my first Hypex NCORE MP series amplifier. By the start of 2021, a venture I thought would net a few interested customers a month ballooned into a large following simply from word of mouth and positive reviews centered around performance and measurements. We have since grown, reaching nearly 1000 customers in just over 2 years and expanding our line to include Purifi amplifiers and the newest Hypex NCx offering.