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Award for Research Dedication


On April 16th my very close, personal friend Daniella Gamboa Pabon tragically passed away after a traumatic accident. Dani was a dedicated researcher, student, daughter, sister, and friend. With her research, she was truly positioned and had the dedication to make actual positive change in this world. In order to preserve her legacy for decades to come, an award is being set up in her name to be given out yearly to a PhD student who most embodies Dani's spirit and dedication at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences. Below, I am providing a link for any and all who might want to donate to this award. Even sharing the link to another social media area of the Internet would mean a lot (Alumni Associations, Professional Groups, etc.) A part of me understands this might seem a little off-putting, asking for donations to a cause on my company website. But anyone who knows me knows I strive to live a life of giving and supporting worthy causes.

Amplifier Technologies



NCORE® is the first Class-D amplifier not just to nudge the best linear amplifiers, but to surpass them in every aspect relevant to sound quality. If you want the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality, there is no longer a reason to trade efficiency or compactness.



Hypex introduces its new and improved NCOREx® technology. With at least 2x better performance compared to NCORE®, the eXceptional NCOREx® technology paves the way for our future OEM products.



PURIFI’s continuing research into nonlinear control theory has produced the first mathematically exact largesignal model of self-oscillating amplifier controllers. This breakthrough allows complete optimization of the feedback circuit and improves performance by at least an order of magnitude.